Friday, March 1, 2019

Photo: Deji Adeyanju Regains FREEDOM

Adeyanju was freed from Kano Central Prison today. His freedom comes nearly two weeks after the Kano State High Court granted the activist bail.

Mr Adeyanju’s arrest on December 13 on allegations of murder has drawn nationwide attention.

The arrest itself came after the activist had spent a week in prison between late November and early December 2018. He was leading a protest against alleged police bias ahead of the general elections when he was arrested and accused of defamation against senior security chiefs.

His December 13 arrest was linked to a homicide case that was concluded in 2009.
Although Mr Adeyanju was named in the murder trial, he was discharged and acquitted after four years of prosecution in 2009.


  1. See how he is looking so old already. The would be so disappointed when he hear PDP still lost.

  2. They kept him till after the elections like they planned