Friday, March 15, 2019

Photos: Man Caught Having S-x With Married Woman In An Uncompleted Building

One Emmanuel has disclosed on Facebook how a man was caught red-handed in an uncompleted building in a part of Nigeria having sex romps with a woman said to be married.

Hmm, though Emmanuel posted photos, he didn’t mention the place the ‘couple’ were caught. The man was then stripped naked, brought into the street, so he could be shamed alongside his married girlfriend. Also see reactions of Nigerians on Facebook to this…


  1. The woman might not be married. People and their stupid terms of marriage once a woman have children

  2. This is so senseless, are they not adult? Didi he rape?

  3. It is their business naw, they can choose to knack themselves anywhere

  4. Purely, its their business. Married or not is out of the question because its nature's call.
    Some married ones are in agony under the pretence of powder filler. Imagine a man have touching his wife for years yet he does as it pleases him because "its a man's world".
    My own take on this is that there is a reason behind every report.