Saturday, March 30, 2019

R.Kelly’s Former Hairdresser Speaks… He S-xually Assaulted Me & Paid Hundreds Of Dollars In Return

R. Kelly was a s-xual deviant who wouldn't take no for an answer ... so claims his former hairdresser who spoke publicly for the first time about the alleged s-xual assault.

Lanita Carter -- a woman ID'd as "L.C." in the 10-count indictment against Kelly -- says he pounced on her after she denied his request for a head massage. Lanita described the alleged attack, from February 18, 2003, telling "CBS This Morning" the singer was undeterred when she told him she doesn't do massages.

She said, "He pulled my braid down by him. And he say, 'Suck it for daddy, suck it for daddy.' And I said, 'No.'" Lanita claims Kelly then began spitting, several times.

After the incident, she says she immediately went to police ... and claims officers found semen on her shirt. Although no charges were filed, she ultimately settled a lawsuit against him for $650k.

She claims she got another $100k from Kelly when he released a 2009 track about having s-x with a woman who braids his hair.

Of course, Kelly vehemently denied the allegations in the indictment during his interview with Gayle King. You'll recall, he got up and started shouting, "I'm fighting for my f***ing life!"


  1. They just want to finish R Kelly

    1. How? A man whose own daughter accepts his guilt? And hasn't spoken to him in ages?

  2. Cardi b is next. It has been men all along now she would be the first woman

  3. Monster that is exactly who he is

  4. I don't even fucking know what to say. Why on earth is this man entangled in all these? With all your success and you're still entangled in all these kind of shit! Men! I am seriously confused about this guy. Well, I pray you get off these. Americans are crazy. When they wanna run your life down trust me they will do it with all their fucking power. This mostly happens to the successful ones that refused to take order from them. Same as 2 pacalypse, Micheal Jackson, now it is R. KELLY.

  5. Enter your reply...fabricated lie

  6. R is sick he needs help being in denial is not gonna change what he did.