Monday, March 4, 2019

Rotimi Ajanaku Returns To APC… How 2023 Is A Sure Deal For Him...

Rotimi Ajanaku, well known business man and philanthropist, who decamped to Zentih Labour Party in December, 2018 ahead of the House of Reps polls has returned to his party APC -- a party he has always been part off.

According to sources, he held a press conference yesterday in Ibadan where he announced his return.

A sources said, Immediately Governor Ajimobi lost, and Saheed Fijabi who was contesting the same seat with him lost at the polls, APC went all out to woo him back to the party.

The source continued; ''Ajanaku has always been working for the Governor, when he lost the APC primaries ticket, he decamped and as you can see the result today, both the Governor and Fijabi who APC gave the ticket lost the election. APC needs him now than ever, they need his large followers, so they have no choice then to be at peace with him, so they can win his ward and others for Adelabu on the 9th of March''.

''Ajanaku is a peaceful man, it was not hard for him to return to the party, immediately a peace meeting was called. In 2023 he will get the APC ticket for House of Representatives Ibadan Southwest/Northwest Federal Constituency. It is a sure deal for him. Though his friend Shina Peller won his seat, Akin Alabi too, another pal of his Dapo Lam Adehsina lost, but Ajanaku will also be in the house come 2023'', the source added.


  1. Good luck to him in 2013, APC has known his importance now

  2. You don't know the value of what you have until you loose it...glad they were able to retrace their steps

  3. Politicians are the biggest hypocrites