Friday, March 22, 2019

Teenage Girl Allegedly R-pes 4-Year Old Boy Because Her Friend Told Her S-x Was Too Sweet

A teenage girl, Cynthia Mubanga said to be 17 has allegedly r-aped the younger brother of her close friend. According to Cynthia who confessed to the r-pe, she was forced to do it, when her friend (the victim’s sister) kept telling her how it is sweet to sleep with a man. She says, since there was no man for her to try it out with, she decided to use the 4-year old.

Cynthia allegedly made this confession in the presence of her parents and victims’s parents while pleading for forgiveness. She said;

“I was feeling too horny because of the stories which my friend, Kathrine, used to tell me about how it feels to have sex with a man. And due to lack of a man to sleep with, I decided to sleep with her young brother. I am really sorry”

The boy has been taken to the hospital for tests and injection as his private part has little sores. He was however found free of all s-xually transmitted diseases. Police are still investigating the case.