Sunday, March 17, 2019

Video: Fast Rising Comedian Accuses Prince Shola Oniru Of Assault

A fast rising instagram comedian – Oluwadolarz with real names as Ogunleye Olamide Babatunde has accused Prince Shola Oniru of assaulting him at Oniru beach. According to Oluwadolarz, he backed behind the Prince’s car, and when the Prince was about to leave the venue, he was called upon to come and move his car.

He said as he attempted to move the car, the prince slapped and punched him. Dolarz recorded a video where he showed his wound, and said if this is what royalty looks like in Nigeria, then its fcked!

‘’All because I parked my car behind your car ... I came peacefully to reverse my car the next thing you did was to punch my mouth and slap me ... without me saying a word PRINCE SHOLA OF ONIRU YOU ARE FUCKED UP ... your royalty is trash ... you don’t know what royalty is all about ... you are a bully and a mistake’’, he captioned the videos.

Also another man with a verified handle, Arinze, also says the Prince once asked people to assault him to over the same issue;