Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Anambra Outlaws Expensive Funerals, Makes One Day Burial Ceremony Compulsory

The Anambra State House of Assembly on Wednesday outlawed expensive funerals in the state.

Passing the bill entitled a Law To Control Burial/Funeral Ceremonial Activities in the State, the House said it had become an offence to hold a funeral for more than a day in the state.

Before this development, communities had held funerals on an average of three days.

But the bill sponsored by the member representing Anaocha II constituency, Charles Ezeani stated that “Burial/funeral control bill is aimed at cutting down the cost of burial activities in the state”.

The bill provided that in the event of death, “No person shall deposit any corpse in the mortuary or any place beyond two months from the date of the death, while burial ceremonies in the state shall be for one day.”