Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Anita Okoye Writes Long Note As Son Turns Six

Paul and Anita Okoye’s first fruit, Andre Okoye is 6 today and his parents are grateful. So grateful is Anita that she wrote him a long note.

Here’s Paul’s birthday note: 'Andre is #6 Happy Birthday Son. May your new age bring more blessings  ❤️¸� we love you'

And ofcourse, Anita’s long note: 'Andre is 6!

          ❤️   ‍♂️
Andre you are my lucky charm, my strong yet caring, super intelligent boy!

I love you so much and I love how much you love and care for everyone around you.

You pray for everyone you come across and although your prayer sessions are so long sometimes, it shows how much of a kind and beautiful soul you are!!

 At such a young age you inspire me!!

Happy birthday to the sweetest boy a mother could ask for!

All praise and glory to God almighty!!!

This one is definitely one for thanksgiving and praise, because just a few days ago you were ill and in hospital. My God is an awesome God!! •

Andre Nonso Okoye; May the Good lord bless you, May He protect you and keep you safe, May he provide you with good health, long life and prosperity. May you continue to make us so proud of you. May you continue to show love and kindness to everyone you encounter.

Thank you for being such a loving big brother to Nathan and Nadia... We love you so much!

Happy Birthday to you my Son, I love you so so much!'