Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Aspiring Actress, 19, Obsessed With Comparing Her Appearance To Others Online Finally Hangs Self

An aspiring teen actress obsessed with comparing her appearance to others online was found hanging in her wardrobe by her father, an inquest heard.

Shante Stephenson, 19, took her own life on June 27 - a week after being assessed as 'no longer in crisis' by the NHS, the hearing was told.

The teen had low self esteem about her appearance and career, frequently looking at social media sites and comparing herself to her peers, the inquest at Walthamstow Coroners' Court heard.

Miss Stephenson, who had recently lost her job at River Island, had been referred to an NHS crisis team but she was formally discharged on June 22 - five days before her death.

It was tragically revealed that she was supposed to have medication delivered to her the day she died but it arrived two days late. Her father then found her hanging in her wardrobe.

The inquest heard the teen had a history of anxiety and depression and made a failed suicide attempt a year before her death.