Sunday, April 7, 2019

Bisi Alimi Blasts Christianity, Islam Because A Man Preached To Him

Gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi has blasted a man who wrote him from Germany, asking him if he has ever met Christ and how Christ can sure help. Bisi said the mail got him upset… he munched the mail, then said both religion that are most visible today -- Christianity and Islam are arrogant.

Bisi also said the world will be better without both religion.

But wait, Mr Alimi failed to answer if the world created it self and why the God who created the world should not be honoured.

Even people who created man made things – cars etc, are all getting their references. So why should any man not acknowledge God. How can the world be a better place without religion?. That’s us cheating HIM. Thank God for His faithfulness, He could decide to destroy the world in a second, then let’s see what is left. If God were men, He would have sued us all. Look at it today, when a man invents a thing and another man tries to take credit, he goes ahead to sue and make millions in return. So why are we denying God of His credits, by simply not referencing Him.

The most painful part are the lazy ones, who have refused to study the words of God and just go on to say yes, Bisi is right. Who is Bisi? Is he not just a human being like you and I?

What did the Bible say in Leviticus 18:22: 'Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable’’.

Yet some people go ahead to praise him, just because they want to be his friend and deny the words of God? HILARIOUS! See if there is any spirit in you that is telling you to go and press your fellow woman;s breast, it's simply, it's not 21st century o, it's just the devil... it;s a demon... Use any word to describe it, you are just deceiving yourself and have refused to be truthful to yourself. A demon is a demon. In fact, they are (demons) laughing at the way they have changed the world to make people believe it is civilization. Too hilarious! MAY GOD REVEAL HIMSELF TO US ALL MORE.



Got this via email today and it sends out few messages for me;

1- Abrahamic religion is an arrogant self loathing religion. I know some people will come here and say not all Muslims or not all Christian, but the truth be told, the world will be a better place without these two blood thirsty arrogant religions

2- it sends a message that homophobia has no border or boundary, some are just more diplomatic with Theo fateful bullshit than others.

3- That religion is a self hating and spiteful movement that despite what it says, lack the component of human connection, empathy and care.

4- finally that like every other idiots online hiding behind religion, this person (possibly a man) that sends this message needs love and care more than I do.

Imagine me, being a young or vulnerable gay man, still struggling with my sexuality as either a Christian or Muslim. Still being hunted by the fear of hell fire and opening my inbox and receiving this kind of message from someone who doesn’t know me but think that he/ she is doing me a favour by indicating that hell fire is my portion?

This is why I will never give a yard in grace to religion, it doesn’t matter how it is practice, it is still rooted in arrogance and self loathing.


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