Thursday, April 11, 2019

Brits Would Happily Give Up Their Best Friend For £131,000, Study Finds

A new study has found that a lot of Brits would be willing to say goodbye to their bestest pal for just £131,000.

The research, commissioned by Foxy Bingo, saw 2,000 men and women be questioned over just how much money it would take for them to ditch their friend.

And 40 percent of the participants admitted they would definitely bin their bestie for the right amount.

Results showed that of those asked, women would give up their BFF for just £106,000, while men would require a bit more money at £180,000.

This put the average sum at £131,000.

Of all those questioned, those who lived in Liverpool were found to be the 'least loyal' to their mates,
saying they would only need £62,000 to sever ties.

Meanwhile those in Glasgow, would need a bit more incentive as they asked for a £200,000 cheque to do the deed.