Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Dog Love! Ray J & Wife Hurry Back Home As Their Dog Goes Missing... Puts $20k Out For Pet

Ray J and Princess Love are VERY serious about finding their missing pooch, and by that, we  mean they're willing to pay $20,000 to anyone who finds it.

Princess Love announced Saturday night that one of the couple's Maltese dogs, Boogotti, had gone missing from their Calabasas home, and she pled with the public to give her a holler if anybody located it. Then on Sunday, she upped the ante ... by offering a $20k reward.

Princess Love says they believe Boogotti might be in the neighboring Woodland Hills area, and that anyone who might have found him should DM her with a photo of the pup.

Sources close to the couple say Ray J's parents were dog sitting over the weekend when Boogotti escaped through a gate on their property around 3pm Saturday.

RJ and PL who are out of town have now flown back to track it.