Friday, April 5, 2019

Driver Molests Four-Year-Old Pupil At UNILAG Women Society School

The Lagos State Police Command has commenced investigation into the alleged molestation of a four-year-old pupil of the University of Lagos Women Society Nursery and Primary School, Akoka, Lagos.

Matthew, it was gathered, usually pick two other pupils at the school after closing hours on the instruction of their parents.

The driver, in the course of time, was said to have become close to a teacher at the school, identified as Charity Madumere.

Madumere reportedly sometimes left the pupils in the care of the driver.

During the period, the driver was alleged to have molested the kindergarten pupil.
The victim’s father, Ade, who is a lecturer at UNILAG, said he had noticed the closeness of the driver to the teacher and complained to the school authorities.

He claimed that his warning was ignored until his daughter became a victim.

Ade said, “Obviously, this guy had been hanging out in the class for a long time, but I noticed recently and I felt that it was dangerous. I complained through the communications book, which serves as a link between the parents and the school. I expressed concern about having a man in the midst of innocent children.