Friday, April 5, 2019

Helen Paul Reveals She Was Conceived Out Of R*pe

Helen Paul has revealed she was conceived out of r-pe. She made this known after dedicating the PHD she bagged from the University of Lagos yesterday .

''I HELEN PAUL dedicate this to my mum, you gave birth to me out of rape, they told you i wouldn't amount to anything I grew up hearing from family members; being called a "Bastard" and each time i asked you, you said (Olorun lon wo omo werey, Olorun ma wo e meaning God watches of the child of a mad person, he'd watch over you)

Mummy i want to know i love you, i might not buy you Benz now because i don't have a Pant yet but this certificate will amount to something great.

They say Fame is nothing but Grace is everything and i pray for grace in everything i do

I'm not a Cele member but Late Osofa gave me the name and everything Late Osofa said about Helen Paul is coming to pass.

I dedicate this to every mother, may God make you strong enough to survive and enjoy the fruit of your labour...;;, she wrote.

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  1. Teary. I pray you buy her the benz soon

  2. Don't worry you will buy more than benz for her and I pray she lives long enough to enjoy her labor. Congrats!