Thursday, April 18, 2019

Kim Kardashians Brings $100k Birkin Bag To Exams

She is embarking on a new career in criminal law and plans to take the California state bar exam in 2022.

And proving how serious she is about her new passion, dedicated law student Kim Kardashian was pictured with a binder tucked under her arm as she arrived at her torts exam on Wednesday.

Kim was dressed in sweats as she hopped out of her Range Rover and into a building in Los Angeles.
She made sure to wear a casual outfit so as not to distract from the matter at hand and lugged a khaki backpack which appeared to be weighed down with more books.

However, while the rest of her attire may well have matched that of any other hard-working student, there was one very obvious giveaway as to Kim's wealth and celebrity status.

In her left hand the reality star carried a cream crocodile Hermes Birkin bag, that is estimated to be worth at least $100,000 - however depending on when and where she bough it, the bag could have cost much more.

Crocodile skin Birkin bags are traditionally known to be the most expensive - and one actually holds the record for the most expensive Hermes bag sold at auction; in 2017, a Himalayan Nilo Crocodile Birkin sold for a staggering $383,000.

The bag, which was made from an 'almost albino' crocodile, was of an incredibly rare finish - however Kim also owns a near identical version that is slightly smaller than the Birkin she had with her for her law exam. 

Kim was likely the only person in the exam to be toting such a pricey purse - which could help many students cover a considerable portion of the costs of their college education - an it seems to have served as something of a lucky charm for her.