Thursday, April 4, 2019

Lady Mourns Her Sister Who Died While Giving Birth

A Nigerian lady is heartbroken as she lost her sister who passed away while giving birth.

Taking to her facebook page, she wrote;

"I can't hold my tears!!! Oh death,  you are a bastard. You have no respect for dreams or age. You took my sister away when I least expected. She was  pregnant with this innocent baby. Happily waiting to be a mother. She even went to market and got some things for her child.  Only for you to take her away at the point of delivery,  without even giving her a chance to carry the baby on her laps.  This baby boy is left alone without a mother to breastfeed him. Who will give him all the care and support that he needs,  his poor old grandma?  Aaaar!!  Eby, my heart is broken because of you. Rip.