Monday, April 8, 2019

Man Resurrected By Pastor Alph Lukau In Fake Miracle Reportedly Dies

Brighton ‘Elliot’ Moyo made waves across the whole world after a video in which he was allegedly raised from the dead after three days went viral.

Pastor Lukau later backtracked on his claims and accused Moyo’s family of staging the miracle.

According to local publication H-Metro, Brighton died last week in a village called St Luke’s in South Africa. Unfortunately for Brighton, there was no resurrection this time and he was buried on Saturday, the report claims.

 A close family member who spoke to H-Metro said, “His stomach started swelling and didn’t stop for three days and on the third day, he died.”


  1. That was one of the disadvantages of calling God's name in vain. Don't try what you cannot figure

  2. Swollen stomach? They have used him o

  3. God remains God forever and ever.Amen.

  4. Them no use am anything. God can not be mocked. Dat fake pastor will get his own

  5. His stomach started swelling and didn't stop for three days , hmmm Mr Alph Lukau has used him for rituals