Friday, April 5, 2019

Mom Who Lost Her Daughter To Suicide After Being R-ped & Bullied Wants Something Done

A heartbroken mother has shared the devastating final note her daughter left before she killed herself after being 'gang-raped by bullies'.

Cassidy Trevan took her own life in December 2015 when she was 15, two years after the alleged r-pe.

Her mother, Linda Trevan, said she had kept her room virtually untouched since her death but was sorting out her things ahead of a house move when she found the devastating note.

“I hadn’t really touched Cass’s room until now but when I picked up a pile of papers on her desk this five-page hand written note, just on loose blank paper, was so noticeable that it stood out to me straight away so I read it,” she told 9news.

In the note, she describes the bullying she says she endured in the months and years after the alleged r-pe by two boys at a house in Springvale South, Victoria.

In the note, schoolgirl Cassidy, from Melbourne, Australia, wrote: “The whole school has heard stories about me, as well as teachers.

“I get people I’ve never met contacting me on Facebook calling me a slut. I’ve moved schools, I’ve moved house and I’m still being bullied.

“I was r-ped. Just last night after one and a half years I still have nightmares over what happened."

“Wellington says they have an antibullying policy and a zero tolerance of bullying and yet the (school) did nothing,” the note continues.

“Even after my mother and I going and talking to them about this. Even after police contacting them and everything.”

Today would have been Cassidy's 19th birthday.

The note comes as a leading Australian bullying researcher and a national bullying organisation both make calls for bullying to become a national focus ahead of the federal election.

None of Cassidy's alleged bullies or rapists were ever charged by police.

Now, mum Linda is calling on the Australian government to do more to combat bullying.

Linda now runs a Facebook page called Bullying Killed My Daughter Cassidy Trevan, where she shares her daughter's story and fights bullying with her 10,000 followers.