Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Mum Spots 'Ghost Of Great Gran Soothing Her Son On Baby Monitor' [Photos]

A mum claims she spotted the ghost of her son's 90-year-old great-grandmother soothing the sleeping boy on a baby monitor.

Kerri Waterworth, 29, feared it was a spider on the camera and rushed into her son Ellis Gooch's room to shoo it away before it scuttled into his bed.

But the mum was shocked when she realised there was nothing there - and claims "linear orbs" reappeared on the monitor after she went downstairs.

She has shared footage of what she claims appears to be a spectral arm stroking five-year-old Ellis' leg, tummy and the top of his head, before flying away.

Ellis, who has autism, becomes upset by any disruption in routine but Kerri claims he appeared to be soothed and responded positively to the phantom hand on April 3.

Full-time carer Kerri believes that it may have been the ghost of Ellis' great-grandmother, Elizabeth 'Peggy' Gooch, 90, who was very close with the little boy before she passed away in 2016.

Kerri, from Lancashire, said: "I wasn't scared by it, more intrigued. I got a calming sense from the apparition.

"But I was slightly freaked out.