Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Mum 'Stabbed Husband In Heart Above Tattoo Tribute To Their Dead Daughter'

A wife allegedly stabbed her husband to death by knifing him in the heart just above a tattoo tribute to their dead daughter, a court heard.

Helena Karine Atay is alleged to have killed businessman Atakan Atay, who she had been married to for almost 20 years.

The alleged killing happened at their home in Birtley, Gateshead, during a row over her going out to buy wine, a court heard.

The court heard tragedy had already struck the family when their young daughter, Sophie, died in 2010 of cancer.

As Atakan, 45, who ran a convenience store near their home, lay dying on their living room floor, Atay could be heard in the background telling him she would never hurt him, professing her love and trying to bring her husband round by referring to Sophie.
Jurors heard Atay, who went by the name Karine, would later claim her husband had been controlling and abusive in what prosecutors say was a "vitriolic attack" on the dead man.

Atay, 42, who told police 'I'm not a f **  killer', denies murder and is standing trial at Newcastle Crown Court.

The court heard the alleged attack took place at the family home in Birtley, Tyne and Wear, while their children were asleep upstairs, in October last year.

John Elvidge QC, prosecuting, told jurors: “The prosecution says that on the night of September 18, 2018, as on previous occasions, her craving for alcohol led Karine Atay to seek to leave the matrimonial home.

“There was a confrontation but not a grave one until she chose to pick up a knife and use it against her unarmed husband, deliberately and unlawfully stabbing him more than once, delivering a fatal wound that penetrated into his heart and caused his death.”

The prosecutor added: "Mortally wounded, it was Atakan Atay who had to seek assistance for himself.

“He made a 999 call at 22.54 from the home landline. That call was recorded and you will hear how Mr Atay was struggling to breathe.

“He managed to utter just four words ‘nine nine nine please’. Thereafter all that can be heard of him is his laboured breathing as the call handler attempts to clarify which emergency service is required.

“Over 20 seconds after the call began, Karine Atay can be heard in the background, addressing her husband - telling him that he is lying and she would never hurt him."
Mr Elvidge said Atay can be heard saying: "You’re lying, I would never do that to you Atakan, I would never hurt ya. I hurt ya in the side, at the side just on your nipple. Atakan get up.

"I would never hurt ya. Stay with me, stay with me. There’s Sophie there...come on ... Atakan".

Prosecutors say she was using Sophie’s name in an apparent attempt to revive him.

She was also heard to say: "I’m really sorry. I love you so much".

The prosecutor said when paramedics turned up there was no sign of life and Atakan was pronounced dead at just before 11.30pm.

He added: "The prosecution case is that Karine Atay murdered her unarmed husband using a weapon deliberately, unlawfully and with determination; wielding a 12cm long blade in a succession of stabbing movements.

“The fatal blow was directed at his chest after an earlier strike had caught his shoulder.