Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Mum Who Didn't Know She Was Pregnant Sees Baby's Head When Probing Stomach Cramps

A new mum who had no idea she was pregnant was shocked to see a baby's head when investigating stomach pain.

Charlotte Dubard was asked by her boyfriend if she'd found a baby in the street after he had returned home from work to find she had given birth.

Charlotte, 24, had no idea she was due to have a baby despite suddenly craving sugar and gaining around 11lbs in weight.

But in January she felt a series of sudden abdominal pains while at home so decided to investigate with her iPhone camera.

She took a video and was stunned to see her baby's hair.

The graduate - who was a size eight to ten throughout her pregnancy - allowed instinct to take over as she gave birth in the bath.

Baby Elias was born at a healthy 6lbs 8oz on January 29.

Brave Charlotte underwent the excruciating experience all alone and without the aid of painkillers.

She then found a pair of nail scissors to slice her umbilical cord before ringing boyfriend Miguel Angel, 28, telling him he needed to come home urgently.

He dashed back from is job at Pret-a-Manger to the couple's flat they share in Bow, east London.

But she said: "When Miguel came home, he screamed 'Oh my god you found a baby in the street'!"

harlotte said it took ages for him to believe the child was his.

"I started bawling and said 'This is ours'," she said. "He was in shock.

"Neither of us could believe it was ours," she said.

"It was the most mysterious thing, I obviously gained a little bit of weight but nowhere near enough to make me think I could be pregnant.

"In hindsight, I was craving a lot of sugar and I did also have a problem with my leg which meant I had to be off work for a week.

"The doctor said that was probably the pressure from the baby.

"One evening, I started to get cramps but they were really quite mild - milder than my usual period pains.

"Then the next day they continued and they kept coming and going in waves which I now realise were my contractions."

Little Elias was immediately taken to the hospital after his surprise birth and put in intensive care for thorough checks.