Thursday, April 11, 2019

Photos: Delta Woman With Triplets Takes To The Streets To Beg After Fiance Absconded

A Delta Woman identified has Amanda has taking to the streets in Delta State to beg. A Lady who knows her story, shares it thus;

''This morning at Summit junction by Rainoil Petrol Station In Asaba, Delta State, this woman with triplets (newly born) is seen begging for survival and food to feed these triplets. It is pathetic to hear her story. It is not her fault to go into a relationship which she prayed to lead to marriage but alas the man decided to abscond on hearing of the pregnancy and expecting triplets.

Amanda (the lady's name) could have decided to abort these babies but God had other plans and so she put to bed three children (2 boys and a girl).

Amanda could not afford to feed these Children and had resorted to begging on the roadside. These triplets are not more than three months old so one will cry and feel pained at the situation.

My dear friends, my joy would be to see someone come to her aid. These triplets needs better care, needs shelter and who knows they may become the Best triplets to ever emerge from Nigeria.

Amanda is like one of us with good future. Will she suffer setback because of these triplets given to her by God? Please friends and family, reach out to Amanda, let save these kids. Amanda has a Nokia torchlight phone and can be reached on 0810 699 7306.

Please let's spread this post to help save the lives of these triplets.
God bless you all''