Sunday, April 14, 2019

Photos: Eniola Badmus In Tears As She Attends Friend’s Funeral

Eniola Badmus last week lost one of her oldest friends, her school mother in fact. The lady who goes by the name Oyin waved the world bye last week. Ever since then, her school daughter – Eniola has been mourning her almost on a daily basis saying it will be hard to live without her. Until her death she was happily married with kids. More photos below..

With the late Oyin


  1. This is so hard to believe. I keep going back to my watsapp status to see if Oyin will update her page.

  2. Seriously! Happily married? Get your fact straight.

    1. Ladun’s biggest fan14 April, 2019 21:15

      Correct! Those who know, know.

      Moving on, May her soul rest in peace. Amen.

  3. I follow her on instagram. She has been talking about how painful her death is to her. RIP to her friend

  4. people always have different things to say about a deceased person. what i will say is Oyin used her connection to oppress some people, now she is gone. Grace of God pass power or affluence. May her soul find peace and may God protect son.