Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Photos: Nigerian Lady In Hijab Spotted At Night Club Pole Dancing

Photos of a Nigerian lady in Hijab spotted at a nightclub has left social media users shocked. The pictures which have since gone viral, feature an unidentified lady grinding hard and pole dancing at a nightclub while wearing hijab.

The man who shared the photos said the act left him shocked just as others were also left shocked at the club. What's your take on this?


  1. You see why it is not good to be judging based on appearance

    1. Lol she must have done it for fun. She cant be an hijab wearing girl

  2. Slayqueen in hijab

  3. Have you lived in the North?These hijab girls do worse things.Dey will give you ponmo for corner.hot one oh.Sharp sharp sex ull be shocked .Dnt judge by appearance.Tgey do drugs too .