Saturday, April 13, 2019

Piers Morgan, Cardi B Caught In Earthquake Terror

Piers Morgan has been caught up in a terrifying earthquake in Los Angeles.

The Good Morning Britain host was woken in the middle of the night as tremors shook his property, which is just a mile away from the epicentre.

"Well, the bed most definitely moved for me..." he tweeted.

"Just been woken up in LA by a 2.8 magnitude earthquake. Epicentre a mile from my house in Beverly Hills."

However, he insisted it was just a "smallish rattle-and-roller," but conceded it was "unnerving" as "California's due another 'Big One'."

Rapper Cardi B didn't play it quite so cool, tweeting, "Ommmgg I never felt a earthquake till today. B*tch I'm scare!"

But Piers harshly told her to calm down it, commenting, "It was only 2.8. Do get a grip, Ms B."

Piers owns a luxury home in the exclusive suburb of Beverly Hills which he bought for $5.4million back in 2011.

His home is included on the local celebrity spotted bus tours that run through the city - much to his wife Celia Walden's horror.