Friday, April 19, 2019

Queen Has 'Very Special Relationship' With Prince Harry, Royal Insider Reveals

The Queen and Prince Harry have a "very special relationship", according to a former butler to Prince Charles.

Elizabeth II often lets her guard down around the Duke of Sussex, who reminds her of her husband Prince Phillip, Grant Harrold reveald.

Speaking on a royal documentary on Quest Red, the former member of the royal staff said: “I think in public we can see that the Queen does let her guard down a bit with  Prince Harry . There’s a very special relationship.

“Sometimes, I wonder if maybe he reminds the Queen a little bit of Prince Philip.

“You know, with that wonderful, let’s say, the kind of glint in his eye.”

As the birth of Harry and his wife Meghan's first child fast approaches, his role as a senior member of the House of Windsor looks to soon be cemented.

The baby's arrival would put the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on a standing with Kate and Will.
While Prince Harry and his grandmother's strong relationship has never been in doubt, questions have been raised about the warmth of feeling between Charle's second wife and his second son.