Saturday, April 6, 2019

Shocking! People DIE From Over Woking In Japan

A man's death has been blamed on working too hard after he clocked up more than 70 hours overtime in just one month without pay.

Yukinobu Sato, from Japan, had been employed by the country's space agency and had been given "achievable" work goals, his family lawyer, Hiroshi Kawahito revealed. reports that in addition to handling the satellite control operation, Mr Sato was asked to develop software for a system that manages the satellite’s schedule.

He also had difficulties with his boss, and his workload was increased just before his death.

Speaking at a press conference Mr Kawahito, sat next to Mr Sato's mother Hisae, he authorities in Tsuchiura cited the heavy physical and psychological stress the young man was put under.

This led to an adjustment disorder, ultimately causing him to end his life.

Mr Kawahito pointed out that Sato worked a highly demanding shift for the control operation, requiring intense concentration. He worked 16-hour overnight shifts seven times a month.

After he started to take on heavier responsibilities at work in September 2016, his overtime hours reached 70 or more per month.

When Sato tried to claim the overtime, his boss gave him a warning, forcing him to work the extra hours without pay.

A representative of Software Consultant said, “We sincerely accept the recognition of this work-related death and will do our utmost to take preventive measures.”

It is estimated 200 deaths in Japan were linked to overwork in 2017.