Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Wedding Guest Under Fire For Very 'Inappropriate' Dress That Would Upstage Bride

When it comes to weddings, it's not only the bride and groom who have to stress over their outfits.
The guests have to make sure their dresses look nice for pictures, but also don't detract from the bride's gown.

And aside from the obvious rule of not wearing white or ivory to the ceremony, they also need to consider just how revealing their outfits may be.

One woman recently discovered where the line gets drawn after sharing a photo of a possible dress for a wedding on social media and it's fair to say, it didn't go down well.

In a post on Facebook , a woman asked her friends if a black bodycon dress, with the sides exposed, would be "too much for a wedding".

She wrote: "Have to attend a wedding in about three weeks. I own this dress and I've never worn it yet.

"Is it too much for a wedding? Or is it possibly appropriate?"

Her photo was later shared in a Wedding Shaming group and the negative responses quickly flooded in.