Thursday, April 18, 2019

What I Ordered Vs What I Got [Photos]

A student was left in hysterics after a £28 dress that she ordered online arrived in a tiny parcel, and was 'completely see through.'

Jodie Howard, 18, from Dublin, documented her reaction to the yellow dress on Twitter, that she had ordered after seeing an advert on Instagram.

The health and fitness student showed the alarmingly tiny package that the garment from US-based website Lux Noire in, which was the first hint it was not going to be quite what she'd hoped for.

She then laughed even more as she turned the camera around to show the dress that was so narrow it was hard to believe anyone could fit inside the material.

Jodie said getting the tight dress on was a 'bit difficult' as it was so small.

She said: 'My mam and I had a laugh trying to get it on, and found it hilarious when I finally got it on, as it was completely see through.'

The student also revealed that she should have known something wasn't quite right,  as her bank sent her a message questioning whether the transaction may be fraudulent.

Since posting the hilarious clip to Twitter yesterday, Jodie's video has been viewed more than 334,000 times and has 24,000 likes.