Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Your Big P-nis Won’t Take You To Heaven- Pastor

But wait why are bloggers like this. Lol. The man says, if you think having a big P will guarantee you the Kingdom of God, then think twice, because it is far from being the truth.

And some bloggers are saying, he said, men with big P-nis will go to hell. Make una warn yourselves, lol. So literally, Prophet Opambour the founder and Leader of Ebenezer Miracle and Worship Centre, Ghana was preaching on his Prophet 1 TV last Sunday and gave a sermon about the Kingdom of God. He said;

“Nobody is above judgment; not even a beautiful lady with big breasts that satisfy men during s-xual intercourse”.

“You are an honourable man who has bleached your skin, trimmed your hair; you have done waves and the ladies say you’re handsome; hey fine boy, you are not above judgment.

 “You’re also a man, all the women say your p-nis is big; women are praising you because of your penis, women are buying you cars, because of your p-nis women are even buying you clothes; I’m telling you that your big penis can’t take you to heaven so repent”, the prophet said in his sermon which has now gone viral.

But the man no lie now! Lol.