Friday, May 10, 2019

American DJ, Diablo detained by police after posting a suicidal letter on social media

DJ Diablo was placed in a 5150 hold by authorities on Wednesday after a social media message he posted saying he had 'to end' it - and would 'be happier off dead' - alerted his friends to the critical situation.

Police sources told TMZ Thursday that they were alerted to the situation surrounding Diablo, whose real name is Sebastian Baldeon, after someone reported to them what he'd said on social media.

Authorities went to the home of the 23-year-old producer, placed him in handcuffs and transported him to a nearby police station, at which point officials evaluated him, according to the outlet.

While in handcuffs, an emotional Diablo took to social media to apologize to his fans for the scare.

Diablo, who has worked with musical artists including Lil Xan and Lil Pump, was not harmed when authorities made contact with him, the outlet reported.

The message Diablo posted on Wednesday read, ‘All I wanted to do in this one life is be happy and create, all I wanted to do is become the best person I could be and achieve a higher power of self being and help my friends.

He continued: 'I can’t take this pressure anymore I don’t wanna be a puppet to this industry. I don’t wanna compete with anyone I just wanna be happy and I can’t seem to reach that goal.'

Diablo said he would leave his fans with all of his 'unreleased music,' adding, 'I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough ... but this is where I have to end it.’

Diablo said he would 'be happier off dead,' taking aim at critics and corporate forces in the morose post.

'Maybe [then] … people will appreciate my art … better of dead my label will be happy and [leech] of me like every other one of my dead friends f*** this life this isn’t real art,' he said.

The artist addressed family, friends and fans in writing, 'I love you mom, thank you for allowing me to chase my dreams and always being there for me. To my fans and supporters, I’m sorry. I’m weak. I’m gonna end it tonight. Goodbye everyone.'