Friday, May 31, 2019

Aremu Afolayan reveals why he shunned Kunle Afolayan’s movie premiere

Kunle Afolayan’s younger brother, Aremu Afolayan has revealed why he shunned his elder brother’s movie premiere. According to the younger Afolayan, Kunle did not invite him for the premiere, and he can’t go to a place where he is not invited. He revealed this to a fan who asked if he was at the premiere. What the fan said, and Aremu’s response below…


  1. He is your brother. You don;t need an invitation

  2. I sense pride here

    1. It is a good thing to have pride. But in there case, Aremu is proud. Very proud and arrogant. His brother brought him into the industry and he is not half made as his big brother but he thinks they are mate now

  3. Okay! Their family business