Monday, May 20, 2019

Hushpuppi shows off his newly acquired Maybach

Flamboyant big boy, Hushpuppi has just showed off his newly acquired S650 Maybach. Sharing a photo of the Maybach, he wrote;

''Bought myself that S650 Maybach like 🤷♂️'' Go Hush! Lol


  1. EFCC should leave Naira Marley and come after this idot. Dubai police should be petitioned

  2. Enter the car, put up a video of you driving around town. Not just put any picture of a car or a car that is waiting for valet parking, standing in front of a hotel lobby or a high rise apartment complex.

    All this 'na wash'. And the ignorant minds will be believing all this fakeness on social media.

  3. Wirewire things