I feel sad when I have s*x with granddad! 8-year old girl in foster home secretly writes


An eight-year-old girl r*ped in foster care wrote a heartbreaking note saying she felt sad when she “had s*x with granddad”.

The chilling letter was discovered in a box of items owned by a youngster who had been staying with 73-year-old Desmond Gore and his wife at their home in Perth, Australia.

Gore was found guilty of r*ping three eight-year-old girls and 17 other charges of s*xual abuse at Perth District Court on Tuesday.

His sickening history of abuse first came to light when the Department of Child Protection was told a kid in Gore’s care was s*xually abused.

The child was moved from the house but the couple were still allowed to take children into their care.

Two years later, a case worker found the distressing note in a box of possessions.

It was written as part of an identity shield exercise, WA today reports.

The letter contained the sentence “I feel safe when loved. I feel sad when I have s*x with my granddad”.

The young victim then told authorities that Gore, a former painter, would r*pe her when his wife was not at home.

Another eight-year-old girl then reported the monster after being r*ped while in care.

A total of seven complainants revealed the sickening abuse they suffered at the hands of Gore, including one child that wasn’t in his care.

He rubbished the claims as “lies” and insisted “this is all about money, nothing else”.

He denied committing the horrifying crimes and insisted he was impotent at the time they took place.

But a jury saw through his lies and found him guilty after a day of deliberating.

He reportedly showed no emotion as the verdict was read out.

He has been denied bail and will be sentenced on Friday.

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