Thursday, May 9, 2019

Kim Kardashian to turn her criminal justice reform work into new reality TV show

As Kim Kardashian works to expand her area of expertise beyond the entertainment and beauty industries, she will also be documenting her efforts in the criminal justice reform space.

As reported, the aspiring lawyer has secured a new true-crime series with Oxygen, set to focus on those who have been wronged by the American criminal justice system.

While details of the forthcoming program remain up for speculation, the network has confirmed the working title as "Kim Kardashian: The Justice Project."

 The show, which reportedly will take on the form of a 2-hour documentary series, will follow Kardashian's work to "secure freedom for Americans who she believes have been wronged by the justice system." Additionally, a press released confirmed the show will offer "an exclusive, never before seen look inside her mission to tackle on of America's most controversial subjects."