Monday, May 13, 2019

Lagos commissioner for strategy escapes death as driver doze off on wheels (photos)

Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Kehinde Bamigbetan has escaped death by the whiskers as his vehicle was involved in a serious accident.

Bamigbetan’s jeep rammed into an armoured carrier as his driver dozed off while on top speed on their way from farm.

The impact of the crash flung Bamigbetan at the windscreen, but God saved him from death.

According to Bamigbetan on his Facebook wall, “His mercy endures forever. The driver drove into an armoured carrier on our way from the farm. I was taking a nap in the rear seat. The impact flung me at the windscreen. He dozed off on speed. But our Creator was in charge. He saved us from the calamity. To God be the glory.”


  1. I am sure he is going to sack the driver

    1. That will be selfish on his side. The driver took a nap just like he did. He couldn't control it, sleep took over him. TI tell people not to over work others, it will come back to them

  2. Perhaps the driver was stressed

  3. Lucky him and thank God for his life, but I know people would say fire the driver. The driver might be overworked and stressed out which might have resulted to him sleeping off