Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Meghan Markle sends touching apology to former classmates for missing 20-year high school reunion

Meghan Markle has sent a touching apology to her former classmates for missing their 20-year high school reunion which held the day before she gave birth to her son Archie.

Markle sent an envelope marked 'Kensington Palace' to the reunion of the class of 1999 of her all-girls Catholic school in Los Angeles, apologizing for not being there.

The reunion was attended by a total of 37 women who graduated Immaculate Heart High School in 1999, out of a class of more than 50.

The Duchess of Sussex's school friends were buzzing about the imminent arrival of the latest royal baby and delighted to get Meghan's letter, which arrived on Kensington Palace stationery.

'Everyone was disappointed that they did not get to catch up with Meghan given everything that has happened to her,' said one former friend.

'But the whole group was super excited about her giving birth to the first British-American prince, it was all anyone talked about.

'They were so excited to get that letter from her. She is remembered as someone who is very thoughtful, and to get that kind of attention now that she is a Royal went down really well.

'Hopefully she will be able to make it to the 25 year reunion and she is welcome to bring Harry and Archie along with her.'

The reunion for the class of 1999 and other classes from years ending in 4 and 9, going as far back as 1939, was held on Sunday May 5