Mum ‘who left baby to die sealed in plastic bags’ insists ‘I’m not a monster

A woman accused of killing her newborn allegedly Googled “How long can a baby go without eating or drinking?” hours after the birth, a court heard.

Hannah Cobley had no explanation for the dead infant’s three skull fractures or bruising to the inside of her throat, and told police the baby was ‘lifeless’ when she was born, the court heard.

In the transcript of the police interview, read to the jury at Leicester Crown Court, where Cobley faces a charge of murder, she told officers she was not “evil” and would never harm a baby, Leicestershire Live reports.

She said: “I’ve never, ever done anything to hurt that baby.”

The police interviewer asked: “Can you give any explanation to how that baby’s skull got fractured?

“Was there anything after she was born that could have caused fractures to her skull?”

The 29-year-old replied: “No. I was petrified but I’m not evil. I wouldn’t do anything like that.

“I wouldn’t kill a baby. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt a baby.”

The post mortem examination also detected that the baby girl had been breathing for more than an hour after being born.

The police interviewer said: “The pathologist, in looking at her body, found there was air in her lungs and her intestines. They’re saying your baby was breathing at least an hour, maybe more.”

Cobley replied: “She definitely wasn’t crying or moving. A new born baby cries and moves, doesn’t it?”

The jury also heard today that internet searches were made on the night of the birth on Cobley’s mobile phone about how long babies can survive without food.

They included:

“When a baby is born, how long can it survive without being fed?”

“How long can a newborn go without feeding?”

“How long can a baby go without eating or drinking?”

“How long can a newborn go without eating after being born?”

Commenting on the web search she said: “I was just interested, I suppose. I don’t know why I searched for that.

“I’m not a monster. I wouldn’t hurt anything.”

Cobley denies murder and the trial continues.

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