Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Shocking footage reveals a spider spinning its web inside a man's ear

If you’re not a fan of spiders , you might want to look away now. Shocking footage has revealed a spider spinning its web inside a man’s ear canal.

The unnamed man from eastern China went to the doctor after experiencing a ‘crawling sensation’ in his right ear.

The doctor, Dr Zhang Pan from the Hospital of Yangzhou University, used an endoscope to investigate the cause of the crawling sensation - and was shocked by what he discovered.

Deep within the man’s ear, the camera revealed a small spider, that had spun an intricate web spanning across the entire ear canal.

To catch the critter, the doctors initially tried to use a slim pair of tweezers.

However, the spider escaped the grips, forcing the doctors to flush it out using a saline solution.

Thankfully, the spider was caught before it could cause any permanent damage, and the man escaped unscathed.