Thursday, May 23, 2019

South African ‘pantless’ dancer, Zodwa Wabantu’s fiancé to adopt her surname after marriage

South African ‘pantless’ dancer , Zodwa Wabantu’s fiancé Ntobeko Linda will adopt her surname after they tie the knot.

Speaking to Daily Sun, the controversial South African dancer revealed that she had already discussed the matter with her 24-year old fiancé.

“Definitely, yes,” she said, adding that “we have talked about it and we agree.”

Zodwa further urged people to stop telling them about tradition, pointing out that making decisions regarding their unorthodox relationship rests solely on them.

“But culture has nothing to do with us. We were not there when old people decided to do things their way. We will decide things for ourselves.

“We are different and we want to do things differently. Some people may not like the way we do things but we don’t care.

Zodwa’s declaration comes weeks after she proposed to Ntobeko with a Sh420,000 bespoke diamond ring, a move termed as ‘Un-African’ by a section of social media users.


  1. All of this is just as controversial as Zodwa;I have no problem whatsoever with the age difference nor with her condescension to propose ("she might just be scooping to conquer") after all not many celebrated women are finding the "husband man" these days,the horror is actually,for a man to bear the surname of his wife;this is simply nonsensical no matter how much one dares to change tradition; otherwise what will this couple especially the man tell his posterity ?I think this lad is totally unguided