World’s hottest ‘granny’ hits back at trolls who taunt her


Gina Stewart has a whopping 1f these people shower her with likes and positive comments, her online popularity has also left her subject to the cruelty of trolls.

As well as working as a model, the 48-year-old also happens to be a mother-of-four and a grandmother.

She made headlines around the world last year when she got through to the finals of Maxim’s Finest Australia, beating out hundreds of women who were half her age.

Her success came with a downside though, as strangers began taunting her for the racy photos she shared, saying someone her age shouldn’t be exposing so much of their body.

Gina describes the cyber-bullying as being “soul-destroying” and admitted that it did make her consider giving up her modelling career.

Speaking to The Gold Coast Bulletin, she said: “At first it was soul-destroying and I cried a lot.

“But I’ve learnt to build up a resilience and don’t let is affect me. I don’t really read comments anymore or buy into it. But I can see the effect it has on the youth and people can take their lives because of it.”

She continued: “Sometimes I’m like ‘Ugh, I don’t want to be in the public eye, I hate it.’

“Other times I think I’ve been given this platform and I might be able to do some good with it. I want to help people. I can speak out and help a lot of women, men and all ages through hard stages.”

The grandmother added that everyone should be allowed to be their own “unique self” regardless of age and she urged trolls to “think twice” before posting a comment or sending a message that could really hurt someone.

Gina is known for sharing racy photos – and even made a calendar featuring ‘almost naked’ shots of herself.

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