Thursday, June 27, 2019

16 crushed to death at Madagascar stadium during independence day celebrations

At least 16 people have been crushed to death at a stadium in Madagascar during independence day celebrations.

Details are unclear, but authorities said the crush happened as people tried to leave the stadium after a parade and police closed the venue's doors.

Dozens more were injured at the stadium in Antananarivo, the country's capital.

Last September, a crowd surge during a football match at the same stadium killed one person and injured more than 30.

In the latest incident, thousands of people had gathered for a military parade and a concert.

News agency AFP reports that, after the parade, security officials opened the gates to allow spectators to leave.

But witnesses said several gates were immediately closed and crowds were blocked by police, causing a deadly crush.


  1. So sad. Senseless killing

  2. That is independence sacrilege

  3. The police caused it. Police killing people since 1900

  4. That is so bad, something should be done on it