Thursday, June 27, 2019

Two suicide bombers blow themselves up in Tunisia capital, one dead, many wounded

Two suicide bomber have blown themselves up in the capital of Tunisia with one person dead.

The double attack has caused multiple casualties in Tunis and claimed the life of one person.

After one bomber hit a police car, a second was reportedly witnessed at the headquarters of government anti terrorist head quarters.

The first attack was targeted at a police car in Charles de Gaulle street in downtown Tunis, witnesses told Reuters.

One police officer was killed and at least one other officers and three civilians were wounded in the first blast, according to the Interior Ministry.

A further four are thought to have been injured in the second explosion in the al-Qarjani district.

Police have now cordoned off the sites of the attacks.


  1. Rot in hell

    RIP to the dead and quick recovery to the injured

  2. How someone will kill himself is something i still don;t understand