Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Horrific! 3-day old baby r*ped to death by own father

Honestly, I’m weak and just sad about this. This is just the absolute worst. There has to be another reason for rape asides attraction, there msut be another reason certainly! Oh Lord!

A three-day-old baby has died after allegedly being defiled by her 35-year-old father last Thursday in Zambia.

Luapula Province Police Commissioner Elias Chushi stated in a statement that a physical examination was conducted by Darry Chanda, a health worker at Lukolongo Health Post, after which it was discovered that the baby was bleeding from the vagina, umbilical cord, mouth and nose.

He stated that mother to the deceased, Brenda Kasakula aged 29, went to bath and left her baby sleeping in the same house with the father, Christopher Kasakula, when the incident allegedly happened.

Chushi stated that while bathing, she heard her baby scream which prompted her to rush to the room to check on her.

He stated that when asked what had happened and why the baby was bleeding from the vagina and umbilical cord when checked, the suspect expressed ignorance.

Chushi stated that the suspect then stormed out of the room and ran away before the mother could alert neighbours.

The baby was rushed to Lukolongo clinic, 25 kilometres from the village, where she was pronounced dead upon arrival,  Chushi stated

Police have since launched a manhunt for the suspect.


  1. Some people are just meant to be named Oloriburuku, haba

  2. Not only Oloriburuku, he should also named Olosi, Omo-Ale, Oniranu, Alakori, Alakora, Elesu, Eni-Aijiri, Eni-Aijiko, Masaafani Eda, Irankirin.

  3. As it is now, no member of my family of the opposite sex are actually going to be bathing my kids including their dad. Its a wicked world now

  4. Teary, he just wasted the poor baby'slife

  5. Man just spoilt my day

  6. I dont know what to say, I am speechless.😔😪

  7. So we don't have youths on the community that will catch d man and set him on fire