4-year old boy declared missing in Ogun is found dead


Several hours after he was declared missing, a four-year –old, Oluwaposi Sobowale was found dead in a septic tank at Ikopa Tuntun area of Asero, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

According to sources, the toddler and his siblings were taken to their grandmother’s residence at Ikopa Tuntun penultimate Monday, by one of his father’s apprentices at the behest of their mother.

It was said that the boy’s grandmother had gone to church and the boys were left in the house by the apprentice who left to attend to a customer.

The boy was declared missing afterwards, until men of Obantoko Police Division on the advice of a resident searched a nearby septic tank where the toddler’s body was found.

Sources however claimed the boy’s death was more than meets the eye.

It was said that the boy’s body was found in the septic tank which was covered, fuelling suspicion he might have been dumped there after he was killed by unknown persons.

‘’What baffles us is the fact that we had checked the septic tank several times on the day the boy went missing. We were however shocked that his body was found in the same septic tank the following day.

‘’We suspect that he might have been killed; probably his head was smashed with a hard object as blood was still coming out of his nostrils at the time he was found.’’


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