Saturday, June 1, 2019

After threat of ban on ‘Bobrisky movie’, producer speaks… narrates entire movie

Some people might not even need to go to cinemas to watch the movie ‘Bobrisky in Love’ or buy a CD to see the movie, as the producer, Kensteve Anuka while trying to convince Nigerians that the movie did not in anyway promote homosexuality narrated the whole scene. Already, you know a panel has been set up to decide if the movie should be banned or not? Well… enjoy!

 “There was no ban; a panel was set up to investigate if the movie promoted some things that were against our culture. If it is found to be true, then the movie would be banned. There is no outright ban of the movie. It is not good to judge a book by its cover, they need to watch the movie and see the message in the movie. If they have an issue with the lead character in the movie, then I wouldn’t know. As a professional filmmaker, I try to cast people who fit into my script perfectly. Film is make-believe; it’s about trying to convince people.

“The movie is about a young man whose father is a core traditionalist. The young man left to study in the western world as a normal man, leaving his family members and fiancée behind. The father was to be given a traditional title, and part of the requirement of the title was to present his son who should take after him.

“He had performed other rites and the last step was for the son to come back. He believed his son was still the way he was when he left for overseas, so he was acquiring properties for him. The father was even in line to become a king. He was very proud of his son and expecting him to come back bigger than he left, only for the supposed son to return as a woman. He was shocked. They (his siblings and fiancée) were all surprised. The character begged his family to accept him the way he is, but his family members insisted that they wouldn’t do that because it was against their culture. It was a battle in the movie.

“The bottom line was that they tried everything to make him behave like a man again, traditionally. That is what the storyline is about. At the end of the movie, the character said he was only playing a game to test the love of his fiancée to see if he would still accept him. At the end of the day, he decided to put away everything that made him look like a woman to be with his fiancée. The movie didn’t try to promote homosexuality,” he said.