Friday, June 21, 2019

Again, Ms Olunloyo shares throwback photo with Drake

It's throwback thursday and the journalist has again shared a throwback photo of herself with the rapper.

According to her, she interviewed him on the MMVAS red carpet so many years ago.


  1. when kemi lived in Toronto she used to leave her son kayode Joshua at a community centre so she could stalk celebrities, kemi did not interview drake, drake and his mother held a fundraiser for the community and kemi showed up there because she was living in poverty, the other pictures kemi posts are usually because kemi use to pretend she worked for much music and enter press areas so she could take pics with people, kemi has pretended to be a police officer, a reporter, a community activist, a pharmacist (she thinks pharmacists are doctors lol) you need to ask kemi why Is there always just one picture, kemi is so desperate for attention she will volunteer and then take as many pictures as she can before the people realize what she is doing and removes her from the property, I worked with Toronto police to lure her into police custody so she can be deported from Canada, at the time kemi was pretending to be acquainted with murder victims personally, she is doing the same now with Naira Marley, kemi will become anyone she needs to be to keep the attention coming her way, if I was you I would ask why kemi looks completely different a day after she posts "pictures or her being robbed" kemi is attempting to profit as much as possible off off her lies and deception. At one point kemi was telling people she was a police officer working with the Toronto police, this is why I was contacted by them to bring her into the open so they could arrest her, at the time of her arrest she had 8 computers with 15 different Facebook profiles so she can "defend herself" by pretending to be people supporting her, you notice her instagram is limited so all of her comments are moderated by kemi, all you have to do is read any of these blogs (including this fine one) and you will see what people think of her.

    Kemi will say and do anything to keep the donations coming

    In Toronto kemi posted pictures of her son KJ with a huge gash on his forehead, she told people they got jumped on the subway

    What actually happened is kemi threw a keyboard at her own son striking him in the head

    (When she lived in the USA) 3 years previously

    You should ask kemi about the time she punched her autistic son in the face and pushed him out of the car and drove away leaving him there. Someone called the cops and kemi tried to pretend it wasn't her son.

    I believe the pics kemi posted of her bruised up is when her own sister and mother beat her with canes and broke pots over her head in their own driveway when she moved to Nigeria, if you look on her sons instagram he posts a lot of pictures of the inside of her house, please notice the plastic chair in the background of the pic of her all bruised up

    Also please notice how her hair is grey on the sides in the pictures of her bruised up, the next day she's posting instagram stories and you can plainly see a lot of time has passed since she was bruised

    Ask her to show you a recent pic of her bruises her entire story will fall apart