Monday, June 24, 2019

Ajimobi advises new Oyo Governor, Seyi Makinde

The immediate past Governor of Oyo State, Chief Abiola Ajimobi, has admonished his successor, Gov. Seyi Makinde, to ensure that he does not lower the bar of governance in the state.

Ajimobi wants his younger successor to concentrate on building on the successes recorded by his administration and stop looking for mundane issues.

The former governor, at a reception organised for him by Ibadan Elders’ Forum on Saturday, said the state could not afford to go backward in terms of development.

“I pray that Makinde succeeds as governor of the state. It is in our interest that he should succeed.

“We have raised the bar of governance in this state and can’t afford to see it go down again.

“I heard them say that members of our cabinet carted away government cars. We have served and left. He should stop looking at mundane issues,” he said.

The former governor said that those he worked with during his time did not profess themselves to be perfect, urging the new governor to build on their success in the interest of the citizenry.

Ajimobi said his administration met the state in bricks and left it in marbles, urging Makinde to be a progressive governor.

“He must build and not demolish. He must correct and not destroy. We must not return to the era of brigandage.

“We know the dual carriage roads we built can’t be returned to single lane and the bridges we have constructed cannot be pulled down. We have taken Oyo to greater heights and it must not go down.

“Every journey begins with a step and it ends with a step. We did not achieve perfection but achieved successes,” Ajimobi said.


  1. Big lie. It is to your advantage if he fails, so APC can win oyo again