Thursday, June 13, 2019

Aww! Former MBGN, Powede Awujo’s husband surprises her with a baby shower (photos)

Former MBGN, Powede Awujo’s husband has surprised her with a baby shower. Powede said it all started on Sunday when he woke her up and insisted they should go out. She dragged herself out of bed, got to the supposed location of their outing and discovered it was all meant for her. Here’s how she put the whole story down… too cute!

‘’Sunday started out as a normal day, with pregnancy hormones drowning me in fatigue and all I really wanted to do was sleep, but no, hubs insisted we go out,so i just wore a maxi dress from @f.l.a.i.r_ ,he dragged my sleepy self along, and then boom!!!!!

Arrived at the so called “baby dedication” place still half asleep climbing the stairs until all these beautiful angels came out screaming “Surpriseeeeee”!!!!!!!!! Whatttt?????? Baby shower for me?


My eyes lit up instantly and I couldn’t stop laughing and crying until the day ended!

I really don’t know how to thank you for putting this together!’’


  1. This is so beautiful. When you are blessed with your own man

  2. Money is good that's all I can say..

  3. When you are blessed with your own man. God please bless my man too. Don't let money be our problem