Saturday, June 22, 2019

Banning sniper will only tackle how people commit suicide, not why people commit suicide- Runtown

Reacting to the news of Nigeria banning sniper at certain places, Runtown has now explained that, the ban will only tackle how people commit suicide, but not WHY people carry out the ungodly act. His full tweet;

''Banning Sniper only tackles HOW people commit suicide not WHY people commit suicide. It's like going to dry up the Lagos Lagoon because people use it as a tool for committing suicide. To truly curb this epidemic, we must focus on the reason WHY people do it.''


  1. The government have forgotten there are a thousan dways to die

  2. Runtown you get too much sense

    1. There is no too much sense here oh. The right thing is to first ban sniper which the government has done. Then the next step is to find ways or means to reduce the rate and finally to completely stop it. So the government needs to do more by way of public enlightenment, the church and mosque too should preach to its congregation as well that sucide is not the solution. Nigerians should lean also to show love and sympathy to one another.